Client is a leading pump manufacturer in Germany for Automotive, construction and powerplant applications for over 80 years.

Why APA?

APA team is highly experienced in performing both CFD and FEA simulations helping clients to accelerate Product development by reducing the prototypes.


The scope of work is to perform CFD & FEA of a gear pump assembly with different fluid viscosity such as 0.5mPas, 215mPas, 700mPas to determine:

  • ● Mass flow rate for the given pressure conditions
  • ● The pressure on the gear teeth profiles
  • ● Setting up SST K-Omega Turbulence Model
  • ● Forces at the hub-shaft joint
  • ● Maximum pressure increase from inlet to outlet

CAE approach:

  • ● Geometric clean-up of the Gear Pump assembly and creation of CFD domain mesh with very fine dynamic mesh to accurately capture the boundary layer effect
  • ● Applying the rated pressure to check the desired mass flow rate at the outlet
  • ● Performing CFD simulations to compute pressure profiles at the gear teeth interface for 3 different viscosity values
  • ● Performing FEA simulation to determine the stress & deformation levels

CFD Model setup

CFD Results: Pressure Profile

FEA Setup & Meshing

FEA results : Deformation and stress plots

Value delivered:

  • ● From the analysis results, the maximum forces the hub-shaft can resist, and the maximum transmittable torque is computed, which is a very valuable insight for the design.

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