Our Client is a leader in the field of electric utility vehicles, designs and manufactures tailored made solutions for local authorities, industrial sites, resorts and last mile delivery companies.


For the electric commercial vehicles, client wanted to design a Door assembly from a given concept sketch.

Why APA?

APA has been serving global clients in Product design & Development, design of automation equipment and welding fixtures.

Product Design Process:

  • Understanding the requirement of the project and gathering inputs from customer and determine the design elements.
  • Developing the multiple Conceptual designs and discussing with clients
  • Based on the feedback and requirements, the design is optimized and released the 3Dmodel for Detailed Design Review.
  • Upon approval, prepare 2D assembly drawings, BOM list and Dis-assembly sequence after multilevel of quality checks.

Challenges Involved:

  • Positioning and Packing the Door components such as speaker, Door handle, Latch mechanism without interference any other equipment and A surface.
  • Optimizing the Fits & Tolerance to reduce manufacturing/machining cost for Door structural

Value Delivered:

  • Provided end to end support in Door design & Development and provided manufacturing drawings.
  • APA Engineering is an “On-Demand Extended Design house” for our client. Design cost was just 40 % when compared to onshore.
  • Delivered in less than 4 weeks.

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