Our client is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers in Asia.


The scope was to design an Overfender B surface and its Engineering features like locators, dog house, clip with ensuring fit & finish. A surface of the Overfender given as input from the client’s styling team. It also includes validating the design’s strength and stiffness performance using FEA to meet the design targets

Why APA?

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design & detailing of trims, coupled with the FEA expertise, is well positioned to execute FEA drive design development projects

Design Challenges involved: 

  • To design the Two-piece concept of Overfender due to constraints in the bolt accessibility
  • To utilize the existing mounting holes without altering the door assembly design.
  • To maintain the fit & finish to match with the door surface.
  • To provide the Locator size and position for the 2 Piece design.

Design process: 

  • Understanding the A surface, packaging space, interacting parts and the fit and finish drawing.
  • Designing the concept with due considerations,
    1. To the door mountings
    2. Two-way & four-way locators
    3. Accommodation of the head grommet
    4. Matching the landing area of the BIW door surface with the help of touch ribs, dog house to mount the clips.
  • Performing FEA to validate the design for strength & stiffness, and modifications to match the design targets.
  • Maintaining the Gap & Flush between Overfender and BIW door surface as per client requirement.
  • Ensuring the negative draft between the Cap and Overfender.
  • Fixing the lock and control of the grommet rotation in the Overfender design.
  • Preparing part & assembly 2D drawings and BOM.

Value delivered:  

  • APA Engineering’s Design and FEA experience was instrumental in Optimizing the design with minimal thickness, incorporating the cross ribs to maintain the part rigidity, and thus reducing the total product cost by 20%.

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