Our client is specialized in Meteorology, Automation, and System Integration Solutions in North America.

Why APA?

The scope was to design and detail the sheet metal enclosure for the testing machine.


APA has around 8 years of experience in the design of sheet metal enclosures, Special-purpose machines, automation equipment including welding fixtures and work stations.

Design Challenges:

  • To incorporate the watertight design of the enclosure against spray down
  • To optimize the 3 PC racks and keyboard tray inside the enclosure
  • To design with easy access to the internal units and also to maintain the aesthetic

Design Process:

  • Arriving at the Sheet metal thickness (12 and 14 gauge), based on the application
  • Designing the sheet metal enclosure with the combination of folds and weldments to make it watertight
  • Deciding the Powder coating micron level, depending on the functionality
  • Using the Galvanized sheet (11 gauge) for the High-power mounting sub-panels
  • Providing seals or gasket for the Access panel, I/o panel, Front PC cover panel & two Swing doors
  • Accommodating the FRL unit in the enclosure without external projection
  • Providing the space for Air condition unit without any interference
  • Using self-clinching fastener as threaded nuts and studs
  • Ensuring the accessibility to the forklift
  • Preparing the 2D drawings of forming, Laser-cut, Weldment part & assembly with Bill of Materials

Value Delivered:

  • Efficient nesting of part blanks to reduce the raw material
  • Quick turnaround, meeting the stringent timelines

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