The customer is a manufacturer of high-performance luxury cars including electrical variants.

Why APA?

APA team is highly experienced in designing and simulating electrical machines and has wealth of knowledge in magnetism, electric machines design and thermal design of electric motors.


The scope is to design a compact, water cooled, 200 KW Motor using Electromagnetic simulation for a sports car.

Design Challenges Involved:

  • ● Compact motor with very high-power density
  • ● Very high efficiency in order to maximize the battery range
  • ● Manufacturing issues and prototype construction

Design Process:

  • ● Pre-sizing of the machine using Analytic software
  • ● Performing Finite element Electromagnetic simulation in order to compute magnetic saturation, torque, current, gamma angle for the rated conditions
  • ● Simulating Coupled magnetic & thermal effects in order to have into account the cooling of the machine
  • ● Additional finite element simulations to plot the efficiency map for various Torque-speed combinations
  • ● Structural analysis for the rotor
  • ● NVH analysis to compute and vibration modes and noise levels
  • ● Standard cycles simulation in order to obtain the duration of the batteries and the temperature of the motor during the cycle

Value Delivered:

● By using Simulation driven design approach, predict the performance of the motor upfront which results in reducing the number of prototypes and hence the cost, also accelerating the product development by reducing the time to market


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