Our client is a leading manufacturer in Germany, who supplies special purpose machines, assembly lines, and production systems worldwide for Medical & Automotive Industry.

Why APA?

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design & detailing of Special purpose machines, automation equipment, welding fixtures, assembly line automation, work stations/work cells, and EOAT (End Of Arm Tools).


The scope was to create the manufacturing detailed drawings for individual parts, Weldments & Assemblies of Special purpose Machine.

Detailing Process: 

  • Understanding the client’s drawing settings and guidelines.
  • Studying each assembly and its operations for identifying critical dimensions to provide GD& T for the individual parts as per International Standard
  • Creating drawings for all the machined parts, weldments, sheet metal parts and assemblies.
  • Incorporating the machining allowance and Surface finish for the machined parts.
  • Providing required sectional, detailed and auxiliary views for complete dimensioning.
  • Preparing the Bill of Materials and extracting ERP sheets.
  • Adhering to quality checking process thus ensuring error-free drawings.

Value Delivered:  

  • Design cost was just 42 % in comparison to client's actual design cost.
  • Delivered 1500+ drawings within 3 Months, meeting the critical deadline.
  • Even though the scope was to detail drawing creation only, highlighted the following shortcomings in the design:
    1. Interference
    2. Hole sizes
    3. Hole alignments
    4. Size of the fasteners
    5. Unavailability of stock sizes in the supplier’s database.
    6. Missing material information
and performed the necessary design modifications which were accepted and appreciated by the client.

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