New features of SOLIDWORKS to reduce Designing time

From conceptual 3D modeling and detailed 2D drawings to design automation, animation and manufacturing documentation, SOLIDWORKS is the first choice for manufacturers of consumer products, industrial equipment, automotive parts.

As an Engineering services company, we at APA Engineering are also using SOLIDWORKS predominantly for our Industrial Automation projects. We just want to share with you about some of the features of SOLIDWORKS 2020, which are very helpful in completing the projects in much lesser time.

3D Interconnect allows you to reference neutral and native cad files directly from other CAD applications. We can simply drag and drop those neutral and native files (other CAD files) from Windows Explorer into your SOLIDWORKS Assemblies like any other SOLIDWORKS Component. This helps us to use the end customer’s component as a reference in our automation assembly line projects.

Markup enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 include its own toolbar and Command Manager Tab, improved hover previews, exporting to PDF, JPEG and TIFF formats, support for 2D Drawings, and the ability to create markups with a mouse - no need for a touch screen device. This makes the leads and mangers to give their feedback easily.


Make any part dynamic with the new Make Part Flexible tool in SOLIDWORKS 2020. Remap external references of parts with ease without creating additional configurations or part files. This optimizes your data management and efficiency visualizing and validating assemblies with motion. Bill of Materials recognize the multiple instances of Flexible Parts as a common part. Drawing references are also maintained without impacting the geometry shown in the drawing.


With the new Detailing Mode in SOLIDWORKS 2020, productivity is enhanced by allowing users to open in seconds, drawings containing large assemblies, lots of sheets, many configurations or resource intensive views. This reduced our engineers’ idle time during detailing, particularly while working with huge layout assembly drawings and the drawings have end customer’s parts.


The authors, Mohan, Barath and Amartya drive global strategy for engineering solutions at APA Engineering.

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