Client is one of the largest manufacturers of Workholding equipment and standard tooling components in USA.


The scope is to create high quality realistic rendered images of Air Vise assembly from 3D models to aid illustration of products in their website and other marketing collaterals.

Why APA?

APA has around 8 plus years of experience in Catalog design & Rendering for Automobile industry, which is one of the most important service lines of APA Engineering.

Rendering Process:

1.Input model clean-up  

Cleanup of the 3D model of Air Vise assembly for rendering.


Rendering is producing high quality resolution images from the 3D model. This is an iterative process trying out different iterations varying the applied light & cameras in various orientation in order to get an effective rendered image in the best possible assembly orientation, thus giving a best view of all parts.

Value Delivered:

  • APA Engineering had delivered 5 high resolution rendered Air Vise images in less than 3 days, for use in sales catalogues, presentation to increase the product online sales.
  • APA Engineering is an “On-Demand Extended Design house” for our client. Rendering cost was just 40 % when compared to onshore.

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