Our Client is a drive-line specialist in USA, Engineering and manufacturing products to perform like the OEM’s products.


Auto Aftermarket industry is highly competitive. Hence the need of the hour is, the innovative selling strategy. The scope was to create high quality realistic rendered images from line drawings of various Driveshaft assemblies to use in marketing collaterals like Online Catalogues, Case studies of success stories etc., to make an impact on the buyers.

Why APA?

APA has 8 plus years of experience in Catalog design & Rendering for Automobile components demonstrating the value to Various OEMs and Aftermarket companies in USA

Rendering Process

1. Input image

Just a line diagram picture with only one view.

2. Creating Parametric 3D Part models 

3. Creating 3D Assembly

4. Rendering of the 3D Assembly

The final stage is Rendering, producing high quality resolution rendered images from the 3D model. This is an iterative process trying out different iterations varying the applied light & cameras in various orientation in order to get an effective rendered image in the best possible assembly orientation, thus giving a best view of all parts.

Challenges Involved:

We received the line drawing with only one view, which was very challenging to visualize the Drive shaft assembly with all the relevant parts. With our Engineering expertise in Automotive field to understand the assembly, we had overcome the limitation and developed the driveshaft assembly to perfection.

Value Delivered:

APA Engineering has delivered very detailed high resolution rendered images for using in Online sales catalogues, presentations, case studies, giving our client a competitive advantage.

APA Engineering is an “On-Demand Extended Design house”, delivering in a quick turnaround time of less than 2 weeks with a significant cost savings for our client.

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