Our Client: 

Manufacturer and seller of intermodal parts & hardware and desiccant products – including cargo control, marine hardware & lashing gear for ships; port & terminal equipment; replacement parts & securement products for chassis, containers & trailers.


To Reverse Engineer and create a 3D parametric model of Gear Box Cover Assembly from physical parts. 

Why APA? 

APA has a dedicated team to work on Reverse Engineering of Components with an exclusive lab set up for Probing, Scanning (3D Non-Contact), and measuring dimensions of various automotive and non-automotive components. We also have the capability to identify the chemical and mechanical properties of materials. APA also has a strong knowledge of sheet metal components and sourcing for 20+ years.

Reverse Engineering process: 


  • Prepare part by spraying white powder 
  • Fix the part properly to scan. 
  • Get symmetry profile measurements before scanning the part. 


  • Clear unwanted scan data and fill gaps 
  • Align to coordinate system 
  • Export 3D Point Cloud Data in .stl format  

Parametric Modeling

  • Import .stl file.
  • Generating Surface from 3D Point Cloud Data
  • Build a parametric model from scan data

2D Drawing

  • Generate manufacturing drawing for parametric 3D model
  • Do stack up analysis and provide tolerance. 

Quality Check

  • Overlay scanned data and 3D model
  • Identify & correct deviations if any 
  • Generate a comparison report 

Solution Offered: 

  • Captured the outer body and extracted curvature profiles and modeled with consideration of ASTM A963/A963M-97 standards for deep drawing.
  • The part was received with minor deformations, so corrective actions were made on the 3D model after scanning. 

Value delivered:

  • Based on our experience, we suggested larger radiin sharp corners to eliminate chances tearing during stamping.
  • The parametric 3D model will help clients in bringing out Design variations very quickly. 
  • 3D model can be directly used for creating the die for deep-drawing operation.

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