Our Client: 

North America’s largest provider of Golf Cart aftermarket parts and accessories.


To Reverse Engineer an entire Golf Cart and create a Parametric 3D model. 

Why APA? 

APA has a dedicated team to work on Reverse Engineering of Components with an exclusive lab set up for Probing, Scanning (3D Non-Contact), and measuring dimensions of various automotive and non-automotive components. We also have the capability to identify the chemical and mechanical properties of materials. APA also has strong knowledge in Injection molding and Thermoform components and sourcing components for 20+ years.

Reverse Engineering process: 


  • Prepare part by spraying white powder 
  • Use stickers as references for the scanning device to capture the profile 


  • Clear unwanted scan data and fill gaps 
  • Align to coordinate system 
  • Export 3D Point Cloud Data in .stl format  

Parametric Modeling

  • Import .stl file.
  • Generating Surface from 3D Point Cloud Data
  • Build a parametric model from scan data

Quality Check

  • Overlay scanned data and 3D model
  • Identify & correct deviations if any 
  • Generate a comparison report 

Value Delivered:

  • Components were scanned in Client’s location with very competitive rates and 3D Models are created in India, offering the hybrid costing model to save significant cost to the client. 
  • The parametric 3D model will help clients in bringing out Design variations very quickly, also avoiding going to the shop floor for any measurement during tooling. 
  • The 3D parametric model contains draft angles so that it can be directly used for creating the die for injection molding. 

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