Our Client:

Our Client is an intercontinental provider of climate control products for the Heating,Ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and refrigeration markets.


Reverse Engineering of Heat Exchanger Assembly.

  • Measuring & Scanning of all parts/assemblies using CMM/3D Scanner
  • Creation of 3D parametric model of Heat Exchanger from the physical part.

Why APA?

APA has a dedicated team to work on Reverse Engineering of Components with an exclusive lab set up for Probing, Scanning (3D Non-Contact), and measuring dimensions of various automotive and non-automotive components. We also have the capability to identify the chemical and mechanical properties of materials.

Reverse Engineering process:


  • Prepare part by spraying white powder.
  • Fix the part properly to scan.
  • Get symmetry profile measurements before scanning the part.


  • Cleanup of Noise in the scan data and fill gaps.
  • Align to coordinate system.
  • Export as .stl format.


  • Import .stl file.
  • Extracted curvature profiles,Generate outer surface as per ASTM A963/A963M97standards.
  • Build parametric model from scan data.

Quality Check:

  • Overlay scanned data and 3D model.
  • Identify deviations and geomertry correction.
  • Generate comparison report.

Challenges Involved:

  • Complexity of stamped features on the Heat Exchanger
  • Extracting complex curves from the scanned data
  • Constructing the geometry by carefully ignoring the surface Deformations
  • Capturing the exact curvature of the involute profile to be used for CFD analysis

Value delivered:

  • Delivered, high accuracy model achieving 98% match, higher than the client’s 95% requirements
  • Developed 3D Model considering manufacturing feasibility, tooling and flexible for future design optimization.

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