ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Customer trust is of paramount importance at APA Engineering and ISO 27001:2013 certificate is a big milestone in this journey.

This certification validates what all our customers already know and strongly believe

Our data is safe with APA Engineering.”

Data Confidentiality

All employees, contractors and associates are bound by a stringent NDA and go through rigorous background check & reference verification processes.

Data Integrity

Assured at multiple levels including

  1. Strict access controls to hardware and network.
  2. Isolation of development and production environments
  3. Non-default ports for applications, servers and databased.
  4. Secure programming practices

Data Availability

Multiple levels of backup are taken periodically

  1. IIS & Databases
  2. Continuous monitoring of server availability, utilization & performance
  3. early warning notifications as appropriate

To know more about the steps we take to safeguard your data and the best practices we adhere to, contact us below.