[Sustainability Webinar]

The Triple Scope Approach: Demystifying Carbon Footprint Measurement and Reporting

24th January 2024, Wednesday

3PM CET and 10 AM PST

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Unlock sustainability's power in our webinar, "The Triple Scope Approach." Unveil the secrets behind carbon footprint measurement and reporting. Join us to simplify sustainability. Register now!


  • 1

    Introduction to Scopes 1, 2, and 3 in Carbon Footprint Measurement

  • 2

    Identifying and Measuring Direct Emissions

  • 3

    Decoding Indirect Emissions and Best Practices

  • 4

    Overview of Tools for Effective Carbon Footprint Measurement

  • 5

    Overview of Global Reporting Initiatives

  • 6

    Interactive Q&A Session

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