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How to Save 70% Cost on IMDS Process and Create MDS (even with 400 components) in 1minute?

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A successful webinar on IMDS was conducted on 1st Sep across the US and Europe regions. The compliance leaders from the automobile industry at various levels participated and gained insights on how to reduce costs by 70% by using APA Engineering’s MDS-Xpress Software.

Topics Covered during the session

  • 1

    IMDS Process

  • 2

    Bottlenecks in IMDS Process

  • 3

    Introducing MDS-Xpress Software

  • 4

    Live Demo of the Software

  • 5

    Features and Benefits

Our experts answered all the questions asked by compliance leaders during the webinar. Below are the key questions and answers:

Does MDS-Xpress integrate with IMDS?

No, it's not an integrated solution. The unique feature of the software is to act as a standalone. So that you do not need to depend on IMDS upgrades.

What can be done using MDS Xpress?

One can identify the unreported MDS in a BOM, send emails to suppliers to them and build the assembly MDS in MDS Xpress. It also has several dashboards and timesheet provision.

What is the advantage of working with APA on the IMDS project?

If a customer outsources an IMDS project to APA, APA uses MDS Xpress software which saves a minimum of 50% effort on the IMDS project, thereby saving cost. The cost is directly passed to the customer, this is a unique selling point from APA. Customer can outsource the entire IMDS project to APA, where APA uses MDS Xpress to reduce the overall cost or customer can purchase MDS Xpress and use by themselves.

For which type of company, MDS Xpress is quite useful?  

MDS Xpress saves a minimum of 50% efforts and eliminates human errors especially for the company whose BOMs have more than 10 components and has an annual MDS submission volume of more than 500 per annum.

How much time will it take to find the unreported supplier MDS in a BOM using MDS Xpress?  

Normally it takes very little time to identify the unreported supplier MDS in a BOM. For example, it will take less than 2 minutes to identify the missing supplier MDS in a BOM which has 300 parts.

How much time will it take to create IMDS data for an assembly?

Assume that your BOM has 100 supplier parts, manually using, it might take up to 3~4 hours to build an MDS. Using MDS Xpress, one can build the MDS in less than 3 minutes.

Is it mandatory to have an IMDS a2 license to use MDS Xpress?

To use the complete functionalities of MDS Xpress, especially the building of the MDS tree for the assembly, requires an IMDS a2 license.

Does MDS Xpress require any installation?

No, it is online software and all you need is a good internet connection.

Why MDS data validation is not possible in this MDS Xpress?

To link your IMDS data directly to any third-party software, the integration is very costly and time-consuming, hence MDS Xpress did not include this IMDS accept/reject feature to save cost to the customer.





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