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SCIP Best Practices and Live Demo in IUCLID and APA Software

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A successful series of SCIP webinars on SCIP Best Practices and Live Demo in IUCLID and APA Software was conducted on 26th May across the US and Europe regions. The compliance leaders and manufacturers, distributors from automobile, electronics, chemical industry at various levels, partaken and gained our demonstration webinar on SCIP submission on IUCLID and APA Software

Topics Covered during the session

  • 1

    SCIP In Scope and Out Scope

  • 2

    Best Practices on SCIP

  • 3

    Shorter Methods to Upload the Dossier

  • 4

    Live Demo on IUCLID

  • 5

    Live Demo on APA SCIP software that saves tons of effort and cost.

Our experts answered all the questions asked by compliance leaders during the webinar.

How Much time is given to update the SCIP dossier when the candidate list gets updated?

As per the WFD directive, the data has to be updated by the time of the next supply to the customer or introduction to the market.

Does packaging require SCIP dossiers?

As per WFD, the packaging is also considered an article and it requires a SCIP dossier

I have multiple plants in the EU, Is it required to submit from all the plants or submit at the corporate level?

As per the current rules, every legal entity is required to submit a SCIP dossier. For example, if part number 1234 is manufactured from 3 plants in the EU, you have to submit the SCIP dossier for part 1234 from all 3 plants separately. However, you can simplify the submissions using Simplified SCCIP Notification (SSN)

How can I update the SCIP dossier?

If any SVHC substance is added or removed, you can open the SCIP submission, keep it in edit mode, make the changes and submit. As long as the primary identifier i.e., the part number is not changed, it retains the SCIP number. The beauty is if your SCIP number is shared with your customer already and if they link it to their SCIP dossier, it gets updated automatically. You need not share the updated details again with the customer.

If I receive a SCIP number from a supplier, is there any possibility that I can view the contained SVHC’s? If yes, where can I find such information?

Unfortunately, one cannot see the details of the SCIP dossier from another company. It will be visible only to ECHA. That is how the system is designed for now.

Is a Non-European supplier acknowledged as a legal entity with access to reporting in SCIP?

A Non-European company cannot submit dossiers but can create datasets, download them and share them with the customer.

Can you summarize the Non-European companies' obligations?

A Non-European company does not have any legal obligations, however, if your product lands in the EU through your customer, your customer might come back and ask for SCIP details, like the customers introducing to the European market need to meet the SCIP LEGAL compliance. In such cases, they might come to you for SCIP details. The whole communication between you and your customer shall be minimized if you share a SCIP dataset instead of a traditional excel/email, provided if you have SVHC substances on your part. It is strongly encouraged to create an ECHA SCIP account for you even if you are out of European Union. In simple words, a Non-European company may have a customer obligation to supply the SCIP mandatory details





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