As the audience and buyers’ storm in through different corners of the world, multi-currency payment option has become a necessity, as it targets the convenience of the buyers. Also, we added multi-currency function with our famous YMME app for some of our customers.

Implementation of multi-currency in YMME

The Year/Make/Model/Engine plugin maintains part and application information. It shows the right part fitments including part number, image, and price. Adding multi-currency options means time savings. Users would not find any need to use search engines for currency conversions.

Here’s what makes our multi-currency widget special

The dollar conversion usually happens during checkout, before payment. But our multi-currency enables conversion at the search result. That means no need to sit and calculate or browse through to know the day’s conversion rate for calculating the total price. It also avoids conversion charges which the bank imposes on credit cards for paying towards international sites. Hence, most customers or website visitors tend to take a step forward to purchase from sites with this functionality as it saves cost. 



Our Story:

Many customers chose this duo, and the results were easy usability, retrieving accurate part information, and hassle-free conversion. Overall, it has been a win-win situation for our clients and their clients.

The decision now lies on you to choose our reputed YMME and multi-currency for your site.

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