10 Good Reasons why Catalog Managers need a PIM

Welcome back!

In the first article, we outlined some of the key questions that you need to ask before adopting a PIM.

In this follow up article, we look deeper into the first question – “Do I need a PIM?

Based on our interactions with catalog professionals over two decades, we have identified some key stated / unstated pain points and thereby the reasons for catalog professionals to consider a PIM

1. "I am searching for a specific attribute information about this specific product!”

2. “Are you sure this part fits this vehicle? ”

3. “My customer says that my data is consistent with the latest industry standards”

4. “I have to sieve through so many sources (and many formats !)  to create an updated catalog!”

5. “The part descriptions and taxonomies used by my production, finance, marketing, sales teams and my customers are not consistent!”

6. “Are my sales channels promoting an active or superseded part?"

7. “The images in the catalog do not seem to match the product descriptions and specifications!”

8. “I have to customize certain product descriptions every time to meet different marketplace requirements”

9. “I had to spend so many hours cleaning up and collating data to identify the root-cause for the product return”

10. “ The packaging labels  and safety/handling instructions are either missing or inconsistent. Where can I find the correct information? ”

If you and your colleagues keep hitting these pain points, more frequently than you expect or manage, then you should consider evaluating PIM solutions for your organization.

If you would like to know more about PIM systems