Company Profile

Automotive Parts Distributor
25+ Years of Experience in Serving Automotive Parts Professionals​


Challenges with the existing PIM in terms of functionality and ability to integrate with multiple systems
Need to improve features and customer experience in existing catalog.
Reduce manual interventions in the inventory management
Need to integrate catalog with the ERP and order tracking systems

Solution Offered

Established PIM as a source of truth for all parts related information.
Customization of the PIM to suit specific needs of customer.
Integration of PIM with ERP, Inventory management and catalog.
New B2B Catalog with enhanced performance and better experience to its users.
Customisation for Order Tracking solution

Benefits Retained

Enhanced experience for B2B customers
Integrations leading to seamless flow of information to all systems
Improved responsiveness of sales teams
Continuous improvements due to SAAS model

End Result

The basic application infrastructure needed for the customer in terms of functionality, performance, integration and continuous improvement has been established.
Now the customer is focusing on expanding the parts portfolio and offering additional functions to enhance customer experience and sales.

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