Some of the IMDS Recommendations have been revised and the recommendations will be valid from 1st September 2022.

Major changes are listed below: 

IMDS 001:

● The revised rule for Material Marking (or Parts Marking)

● Added instructions on the usage of Chemistry manager, Obsolete MDS, and Legacy Spare part 

● Removal of Flat BOM.

● Change in the Weight fields. (For measured and calculated weights)

● Change made in New IMDS ID vs. New Version

● Slight update on rules related to Preliminary MDS

● Revised the rule for answering Recyclate content

IMDS 007:

● The committee (IMDS-SC) has reviewed the published MDS for coatings and platings.

IMDS 008:

● Chapter 3.2.1 related to Metallic Coating Materials has been removed and also deleted references to published materials. 

IMDS 0011:

● Chapter 3.4 Phosphate coatings have been removed.

IMDS 0012:

● The whole of chapter 4, Automotive Sealer and Adhesive Products has been removed, and references to published materials have been deleted.

IMDS 0019:

● A whole document of the Electric/Electronic (E/E) components and assemblies has been re-created. You can get the information for Electrical/Electronical Circuit Board Assembly/ Integrated Circuits and the naming convention for Electrical/Electronical materials based upon the classification.

You can download the new version on your IMDS login on the tab Help->Recommendations, then you can get the new Recommendations. The validity of the new version starts on 1st September 2022, Every IMDS user must comply with the new rules as early as possible.

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