The IMDS Release 14.0 Production rollout is planned for May 10, 2023. Below are the updates for the new revision,

Structure Mix:

• On the same level of component there will be an option to define the purpose of any non-component reference. If the purpose is defined for non-component, then there won’t be a warning message appearing for “Different types of nodes (components, semi-components, materials) are used at the same level.
• Example: coating or lubricant.

SC90 for filled/unfilled thermoplastics:

• The SC90 check for classifications 5.1.a and 5.1.b will be changed to check for at least 5% filler substances for (filled thermoplastics) or less than 5% filler substances for (unfilled thermoplastics) respectively.
• New substance group will be introduced for fillers in thermoplastics.
• If the substance is referenced in a material of classification 5.1.a, a checkbox can be ticked to declare that this substance is used as a filler.

Extended contact information

• Like MDSs, an option to set the IMDS contact for the newly created MDS is available. This contact will be shown in the MDS request as well as the subscription e-mail.
• If the contact is deactivated, the default contact will be shown instead of the deactivated contact.
• This is the company administrator’s responsibility to update the default contact every 90 days.

Revealing confidential declarable substances

• Two weeks after each GADSL/SVHC update, all newly flagged substances will be revealed in the materials if it is used as confidential substance. The revealed substance will become visible to the supply chain.

Check for old MDSs

• Older than 10 years of Own datasheets/accepted MDS will not be used in further. If you’re using older data, it will show a warning.
• This will not apply to legacy parts. Material manufacturers still can use the old data by marking the material as “Still valid”.

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