The IMDS (International Material Data System) is set to undergo significant enhancements with the upcoming Release 14.2, scheduled for November 15, 2023. This release introduces several enhancements and functional changes to streamline processes and ensure data accuracy within the IMDS platform.

Functional Change: “Valid MDSs” Search Parameter

One of the pivotal functional changes in Release 14.2 is the introduction of a new search parameter: “valid MDSs” when searching for published Material Data Sheets (MDSs). This enhancement is driven by addressing issues with older MDSs causing warnings and errors since Release 14. To alleviate these concerns, the default setting will ensure that users only find MDSs that meet specific criteria, including being published by a standard company, less than ten years old, or being marked as still valid. This enhances the search experience, particularly for those seeking up-to-date and reliable MDSs.

Check Changes: Gold Concentration in Classification 7.2

Release 14.2 brings a notable adjustment regarding the permissible concentration of gold in Classification 7.2. Earlier in 2023, the “Chk: classification 1-4 w/o silver” group was introduced to enable glasses with more than 80% silver in Classification 7.2. In this release, the group’s name, “Chk: Classification 1-4 w/o silver, gold,” is being modified, with gold removed. This alteration means that it will now be possible to create Classification 7.2 glasses with gold concentrations exceeding 80% without triggering a warning. It’s important to note that apart from this name change and gold removal, no other adjustments will be made.

Handling Pre-Release 14.0 Materials with “Filler (dual use)” Substances

The latest IMDS Release 14.0 has a new check that ensures Classification 5.1a for all filled thermoplastics have at least a minimum of five percent filler substances. However, some substances can also serve as fillers for other purposes. To address this, a new substance group called “filler” has been created. When used as fillers, these substances must be appropriately marked to avoid warnings for MDSs from pre-release 14.0 materials. The upcoming Release 14.2 will modify the check to consider substances listed as fillers as actual fillers used in pre-release 14.0 materials. This change is expected to reduce warnings and streamline supply chain processes.

These enhancements within IMDS Release 14.2 underscore the platform’s commitment to improving data accuracy, usability, and compliance, ultimately benefitting users and stakeholders across various industries.


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