Our client is a leading Automotive forging tool & components manufacturer in Europe supplying to Major OEMs.


The scope was to design and detail the complete assembly of dies & trimming tools (Upper & Lower parts) for the Connecting rod, using Solid Edge software.

Why APA?

APA has around 8 years of experience in the design & detailing of Forging Die & tools, Special-purpose machines, automation equipment including welding fixtures and work stations.

Design Challenges: 

  • To design a single housing for combined Punching & trimming operations.
  • To optimize the die blank size to be accommodated in the smaller forging press.

Design process: 

  • Understanding the type of forging requirements and Guidelines.
  • Analysing the Choosing the die block and trimming tool sizes according to the press size and capacity.
  • Ensuring the required scale size of the component for Pre-forging dies & trimming tools.
  • Considering Design for manufacturing (DFM) such as Parting line, Draft angles, Fillets, Flash, pockets and recesses.
  • Incorporating the lifting holes to lift the die blocks as per customer specific standard.
  • Preparing the 2D Manufacturing drawings for part & assemblies with Bill of Materials (BOM).

Value delivered:  

  • Helped the client to shorten the lead time with our design expertise and reducing the overall design & manufacturing cost by 30%.