By 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet is predicted to be electric. More than six countries have announced a ban on internal-combustion engines, which is pushing automakers to come up with aggressive rollout plans for EVs.

Traction motor design for EVs is a complex problem that requires accurate considerations of motor electromagnetic and thermal behavior and their dependence on motor architecture and materials. The problem becomes even more challenging for electric powertrains, because motor design must achieve the required performance metrics within the constraint of weight and volume targets.

The case studies given below, explains the simulation driven approach followed for the design of electric Motor for a Luxury sports Car and a Motorbike.

Case Study #1: Electric Motor Design and Simulation for Motorbike

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Case Study #2: Electric Motor Design and Simulation for Sports Car

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The author, Dr.Vicente Aucejo is an Electromagnetic simulation expert with more than 25 years of experience, drives APA's Global strategy for Electrical vehicle Engineering Solutions.

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