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In the previous article, Do I need a PIM, we identified some of the pressing pain points that catalog managers could face, which leads them to explore PIM solutions.

In this article, we focus on the next step – The goals that you could need to achieve by using a PIM.

These can be classified as follows:

1. Revenue Improvement Goals

2. Productivity Improvement Goals


Revenue Improvement Goals

1. Zero product returns (anywhere in the downstream) due to incorrect data.

2. Zero complaints from sales partners on catalog data.

3. Shorter time to market for new product updates.

4. Shorter time to answer customer queries.

Productivity Improvement Goals

1. Shorter time to update, publish and distribute catalog.

2. Zero errors (attributes, fitment, packaging, compliance etc.) in product data.

As you can see, these goals are kept measurable.

A well-designed PIM solution, custom-built for equipment and auto parts, can help you move towards these goals by these mechanisms

1. All data residing in one place for “Single Source of Truth”.

2. Data is stored in Industry Standard formats for seamless upstream and downstream communication

3. Data is ready to deliver wherever needed “at will” in the format required.

4. Following the available vehicle and equipment tables allows you to identify applications for which you lack coverage.

However, these are only some of the necessary, hygiene features but not sufficient. In subsequent articles, we explain other mandatory features and how to assess PIM solutions against your goals.

If you would like to know more about PIM systems