Data Intelligence and Validation for ECommerce

DIVE is a sophisticated, intuitive software that helps you find and track your exact competitors on ECommerce marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon for cataloging and pricing intelligence.


If you have a large number of aftermarket parts listed on e-marketplaces then you already know that manually identifying & tracking competitor performance is extremely difficult. DIVE makes it easy for you.

DIVE is a certified Ebay Compatible Application

1. Automate & accelerate your research on eCommerce competitors.

2. Benchmark your performance against your exact competitor items periodically.

3. Get a dashboard view of all the critical data & decision points at the right time and format

  • Sales Metrics (top moving, slow moving, non moving,stock outs)
  • Product Analytics (what is wrong and what you need to fix now)
  • Competitor (who and how do you stack up against them)
  • Pricing Intelligence


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Find and track exact competitors

Match your competitor items at a specific part number level (cutting across ecommerce item ids and names)

Discover insights on pricing and listing attributes

Comprehensive insights on competitor cataloging, prices and sales volume trends that provide suitable intelligence for gaining market share.

Sophisticated dynamic pricing rules

Set automatic / dynamic pricing rules based on competitor pricing, relative market share and your threshold cost metrics.

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