The Conflict Minerals Reporting Template is referred to as CMRT. The template's objective is to compile sourcing data on the metals known as 3TG, or tantalum, tin, gold, and tungsten, which are used in products. For industries including electronics, automotive, aerospace, jewelry, and other production sectors, the CMRT is essential. It plays a significant part in sustaining moral standards, defending human rights, and advancing sustainable practices in various industries by promoting responsible sourcing and supply chain transparency.

Most businesses now use the CMRT template as a standard and simple method of demonstrating their compliance with laws governing conflict minerals.

The Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) created the CMRT template to pinpoint where the minerals utilized in the products came from. RMI continues to update the CMRT template.

The new version of CMRT has been released on May 26, 2023. The latest version is 6.31

The changes include:

Minor modifications to address reported problems, such as those with the:

  • Declaration
  • Smelter List
  • Smelter Look-up


The response cells for the following seven questions turn "Grey" when Question 1 is answered "NO" about the existence of 3TG, and the dropdown option is left empty.


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