The European Union End-of-Life Vehicle EU (ELV) is being revised to cover more vehicles. The revision is expected to be finalized in 2023. This includes M2, N2, M3 and N3 Vehicles. These large commercial vehicles which were not covered earlier are now included in the ELV directive. 


The main objective of this revision is part of the EU’s efforts to reduce waste and promote a circular economy. This requirement will help to ensure that these vehicles are recycled in an environmentally friendly way and that the materials they contain are Reused and recovered. 

The revision also includes new key dates: 

  • 2023: The revision is expected to be finalized.
  • 2025: The new requirements will come into force for M2 and M3 Vehicles.
  • 2027: The new requirements will come into force for N2 and N3 Vehicles.


The EU (European Union) ELV Directive is a step toward more sustainable automotive companies. It ensures that the End-of-life vehicle is recycled in an Eco-friendly way and achieves the concentrated portion of Reusability, Recoverability, and Recyclability of material. This helps to reduce the environmental impact of Automotive Industries and to make a climate-neutral Economy by 2050, which contributes to the EU Goals.


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