IMDS plans to release its latest version (Release 13.2) by bringing out some significant changes.

A warning will be generated if application code – 20 (potentially prohibited) is referenced to any of the assembly/components. Though it’s an active application code, many customers are not accepting its presence

Change in a warning for substances with invalid Application Codes Several substances will not be application relevant after 20 July 2022, hence some application codes were no longer valid. As a result, a warning will be generated. After the new release, this warning will be changed. 

Availability of Application Code “Concentration within GADSL Limits” For four heavy metal classifications, GADSL has a threshold of 0.1% and 0.01% respectively. After the release, this  Application Code can be selected if the sum of all substances in the group is below the threshold. 

Add Warning if Forwarding is not allowed - With Release 13.2 a warning will be shown if you do not allow forwarding. 

Different node types on the same level - According to SCIP, in IMDS, components are considered articles. Hence different node types can be on the same level. For correct reporting, there is now a change in the Warning. 

For a plastic material consisting of other plastic materials (classification 5.x), you will now be able to automatically calculate the recyclate information for the top-node material. 

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