APA is conducting motley webinars on product administrative conformances, which helped multifold compliance leaders to be exhaustively conscious of the modernized regulations across all the administrative conformances. ​

In this expert webinar, our professionals have explained on the fully automated conflict minerals AutoGen-CM software which save your costs up to 70% with APA Software and the hindmost updates on the conflict minerals regulation

APA has SaaS answers for Conflict Minerals, with 100 mechanizations, division-wise CMRTs/ CRTs with jiffy due- sedulity of 150 quality checks, and multiplex fresh. Watch the webinar recording to gain knowledge on how to save your cost and the rearmost updates.

The webinar concluded on Wednesday, 6th October

Some of the matters covered during the session were, Overview of CM regulations, CMRT Sections and Process, Quality Checks with 150+ Criteria, AutoGen CM – Complete Responsible Minerals Solution, Live demo

To watch the webinar recording click here

A webinar deck has been shared with our attendees. If you wish to get a copy or if you wish to book a demo on Conflict Minerals Automation Software please send a mail to [email protected]