With the GADSL list being released annually during February, the updated GADSL list will be effective in IMDS from March 3, 2023.

The following changes can be observed with the latest update.

• The classification (flag) of some of the basic substances will be changed.
• Some basic substances will be added to the GADSL list.
• Some of the existing basic substances will be deleted.

The following are the rules to be followed by IMDS users to fulfil the related legal and contractual obligations:

• It is prohibited to hide GADSL substances in wildcards.
• Post GADSL update, all active MDS must be examined for all new GADSL substances, potentially hidden in a wildcard.
• If any new GADSL substances are hidden in a wildcard, the supplier has to re-work and re-submit the affected MDS to their customer.

The same rules should be followed for updating the Renault list too.

To avoid such a case (review and re-submission), IMDS Steering Committee recommends that IMDS users use the "confidential substance" functionality without exposing the company's intellectual property instead of using wildcards.

You can view the latest GADSL list here!

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