The Extended Minerals Reporting Template (EMRT) is a set free, regulated reporting template established by the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) to detect and gather due diligence data of Cobalt and Mica. This was released on 20th Oct 2021. 

 The EMRT is designed for downstream companies which they can use as a tool to collect and disclose information about their supply chain. Previously we had separate reporting templates for cobalt and mica. The EMRT has been created to increase efficiency and ease the supply chain surveying process. Like conflict minerals, there is no regulatory compliance requirement for cobalt and mica as of now which are the current scope of EMRT. 

1. How does the Template look like?  

The EMRT contains eight (8) visible sheets, some of which provide supplemental information for completing the template, others require user input. Sheets requiring user input are highlighted in blue or light green (Declaration, Smelter List, Product List).

The Smelter Look-Up is updated often online, and the recent version can be downloaded from the RMI’s website, located here:

2. What are the languages available in this template?  

  1. 1. The template is available in various languages which are English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Francais which makes it easier for users from various regions.
  2. 2. The company information questionnaire can be found in rows 8 to 22 in the “declaration” tab.
  3. 3. The due diligence questionnaire can be found in rows 24 to 63 in the “declaration” tab. And some additional questions related to the due diligence process can be found from rows 69 to 83 in the same tab.
  4. 4. In the “smelter list” tab details of all the identified smelters must be provided for the defined “declaration of the scope.”
  5. 5. The “checker” tab shows if any mandatory information got missed out and that needs to be filled.
  6. 6. Finally, in the “product list” tab, the product details must be filled if the declaration scope of the EMRT is “products.”

The ultimate aim of the EMRT is pretty much the same as of CMRT which is to increase the transparency of the sourced minerals (which are mica and cobalt as of now) and make it conflict-free and source the minerals responsibly. Details about CMRT can be found here:

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