The registry of classification and labeling (CLH) aims just before consequence lists the purposes and suggestions taken by ECHA for a new or corrected harmonized classification and labeling of a substance. The suggestions are presented by Member State competent experts, manufacturers, importers, or coming after consumers.

Interested bodies can understand the progress of a suggestion through the CLH process, from the notification of the intention to the adoption of the opinion of the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC). The advance notice allows curious bodies to plan and predict commenting later.

Anyone accompanying appropriate facts on the similarity or hazard characteristics of meaning is heartened to determine this fact to the dossier submitter all the while at the initial stages of the process, or the rearmost during the discussion.

Where an opinion has existed selected by RAC, the status is designated as ‘Opinion Adopted’.

Glyphosate: EC / List no: 213-997-4 CAS no: 1071-83-6
Date of intention: 27-Jan-2021
Expected date of submission: 15-Jun-2021
Submitted for accordance check: 15-Jun-2021
Final submission date: 15-Sep-2021
The legal deadline for opinion adoption: 17-Mar-2023


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