Several substance categories are restricted, but regulators do not offer a comprehensive list of CAS numbers (e.g., PFOA, Nonylphenol Ethoxylates). The ACEA Regulatory List was created to assist the supply chain in understanding which compounds are impacted and to support our IMDS reporting tool and processes.

IMDS Reporting - Facilitating Compliance and Transparency

ACEA regulatory list includes substances not listed on GADSL. This is because ACEA does not have knowledge indicating these substances are present in automotive materials and so do not fit the GADSL requirements for listing. 

If you manufacture materials that contain substances that are on the ACEA-regulated list but not on the GADSL list, you must notify these substances (if the substance is not on the IMDS Basic Substance List, it can be added using the substance request form from the “Functions” menu in your IMDS account). 

The ACEA Regulatory List - A Crucial Tool for Compliance

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association brings together Europe’s 14 leading truck, bus, van, and car manufacturers. ACEA is the representation of the auto industry, a technological world leader, and the backbone of the EU economy. ACEA contributes to the advancement of zero-emission and fatality-free transportation. They are addressing major technology shifts and the changing mobility needs of Europeans.  /span>

We are encouraged to collaborate with all interested parties to promote the shared goal of clean, intelligent, and safe mobility. In recent times, ACEA has also welcomed non-European manufacturers who have substantial research and production facilities in the EU.

ACEA Regulatory list:

  • 1. The ACEA Regulatory List is maintained by ACEA. 
  • 2. The ACEA regulatory list is key to identifying substances that have been affected and providing support for the IMDS reporting tool.
  • 3. The ACEA Regulatory List may contain substances that are not found on GADSL. If a material is created using a substance from the ACEA Regulatory List but is not listed on GADSL, it must still be reported.
  • 4.To add a substance not in the IMDS Basic Substance List but listed in the ACEA, use the Basic Substance Request form in the IMDS account functions menu.

Revision of ACEA Regulatory list summary:

As the automotive sector moves towards a greener and safer future, a collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies will play a crucial role in achieving shared goals.


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