The Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) took a significant step in addressing environmental concerns by initiating a public consultation on the Draught List of Toxic and Hazardous Soil Pollutants Subject to Priority Control, hereafter referred to as the Draught List.

Comprehensive Public Consultation:

The Draught List includes 18 distinct types of chemicals currently identified on lists of dangerous and harmful water contaminants. This compilation serves as a comprehensive guide to substances deemed toxic and hazardous to soil health. The launch of the public consultation period signals the Chinese government's commitment to inclusivity and seeks to gather valuable insights and feedback from stakeholders and the public.

Parallel with Water Contaminant Lists:

Notably, the chemicals listed in the Draught List are counterparts to those already recognized as dangerous and harmful water contaminants. This strategic alignment highlights a holistic approach by the MEE, acknowledging the interconnectedness of soil and water ecosystems and addressing pollutants that have dual implications.

As the public consultation unfolds, stakeholders, environmental advocates, and the general public are encouraged to participate actively. This collaborative effort plays a vital role in shaping policies and measures to prioritize controlling and mitigating soil pollution caused by these 18 designated chemicals in China.


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