The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has launched a new initiative called ECHA CHEM, which is a comprehensive database designed to provide detailed information on chemicals. By collecting data from industry submissions and EU regulatory procedures, ECHA CHEM aims to become the largest database of its kind.

Extensive Data Access

ECHA CHEM contains details from over 100,000 REACH registrations submitted by companies to ECHA. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding chemical substances and their properties, supporting safe handling, and promoting environmental awareness within the chemical industry.

Upcoming Additions

In the coming months, ECHA plans to expand the database further. The next phases will include the addition of:

Regulatory listings
Updated Classification and Labelling Inventory

These additions will enhance the database's utility and provide a more comprehensive resource for those working with or seeking information on chemicals in the EU.

Improved Information Dissemination

ECHA CHEM represents a significant step forward in how the Agency shares information with the public. By consolidating a wide range of chemical data into one accessible platform, ECHA aims to improve transparency and accessibility for all stakeholders.

Accessing ECHA CHEM

Interested individuals can access ECHA CHEM to explore a wide range of chemical data. The database provides insight into REACH registrations and will include additional regulatory information soon.

Future Updates

As ECHA continues to develop ECHA CHEM, users can expect ongoing updates and improvements to the platform. This includes incorporating more regulatory data and enhancements to the user experience.


For those seeking information on chemicals in the EU, ECHA CHEM provides a valuable resource. Stay informed and explore the extensive database of chemical information on the ECHA website.

Empowering Decision-Making

ECHA's new database, ECHA CHEM, aims to empower stakeholders with knowledge and data, supporting informed decision-making and promoting safety and transparency in the use of chemicals across the EU.


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