The Enforcement Forum of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is initiating a project aimed at scrutinizing notifications submitted by suppliers to poison centers. This project underscores the vital role of poison center notifications in facilitating the appropriate handling of chemical emergencies.
The primary objective of these inspections is to safeguard human health by ensuring compliance with the obligation of chemical suppliers to notify national authorities about hazardous chemical mixtures. Such notifications are crucial for poison centers to effectively advise public health workers and citizens during emergencies.

Verification Process

Inspectors will verify whether notifications have been appropriately submitted and will also review mixture labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), where applicable. This verification process is essential to guarantee that poison centers receive accurate and timely information about hazardous mixtures for an informed emergency response.

Timeline and Parameters

In the coming months, the specific parameters of these inspections will be defined, laying out the scope and methodology to be employed. Assessments for this project are scheduled to commence in January 2025 and will span six months. The final report detailing the outcomes of the inspections is slated for release after 2025.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance

By conducting these inspections, ECHA aims to uphold safety standards and ensure compliance with regulations governing the notification of hazardous chemical mixtures. This proactive approach reaffirms the agency's commitment to protecting human health and the environment from the potential risks posed by chemical substances.


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