Biannual Update Includes 86,741 Chemicals, 42,293 Active in U.S. Commerce

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced the release of the latest Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Inventory, providing vital information on chemicals used in various industries. This biannual update made public on February 20, 2024, is part of EPA's regular dissemination of non-confidential TSCA Inventory data to ensure transparency and accessibility.

Comprehensive Inventory Data

According to the EPA's statement, the TSCA Inventory now contains a total of 86,741 chemicals, with 42,293 identified as actively used in commerce within the United States. This comprehensive inventory serves as a crucial resource for regulators, industries, and the public to understand the scope and usage of various chemicals in the country.

Updates and Enhancements

In addition to the inclusion of new chemicals, the latest Inventory update includes several notable enhancements:

- Commercial Activity Data: Updates have been made to reflect the commercial activity status of listed chemicals, providing insights into their usage trends.
- Unique Identifier Data: Improved unique identifier data helps in tracking and identifying specific chemicals more effectively.
- Regulatory Flags: The Inventory now includes updated regulatory flags, such as significant new use rules and test orders, to highlight chemicals subject to specific regulations.

Continued Efforts in Transparency

EPA emphasizes its commitment to transparency and accountability in chemical regulation. As part of its ongoing efforts in TSCA confidential business information (CBI) review, the Agency has transitioned approximately 900 chemicals from the confidential portion of the Inventory to the public portion. This move allows for greater visibility into these substances and their specific chemical identities.

Future Updates

EPA has outlined plans for the next regular update of the TSCA Inventory, scheduled for summer 2024. This regular update cycle ensures that stakeholders have access to the most up-to-date information on chemicals, promoting informed decision-making and regulatory compliance.

Importance for Industry and Regulation

For industries involved in the manufacture, import, and use of chemicals, the TSCA Inventory serves as a vital reference for compliance with regulatory requirements. Understanding the status of chemicals in the Inventory helps businesses navigate environmental regulations and ensure safe handling and use practices.

Supporting Environmental Protection

The release of the latest TSCA Inventory underscores EPA's role in safeguarding public health and the environment through effective chemical management. By providing transparent and comprehensive data, EPA aims to empower stakeholders to make informed choices that prioritize environmental protection and human health.

Accessing the TSCA Inventory

The TSCA Inventory is publicly available on the EPA's website, offering a searchable database for users to access detailed information on individual chemicals. This resource serves as a valuable tool for researchers, policymakers, and the public to stay informed about chemicals used in various applications.
The release of the latest TSCA Inventory marks another step forward in EPA's efforts to promote chemical transparency, safety, and environmental stewardship.


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