New Regulations Introduced

The recent amendments to the REACH regulation significantly change the use of silicones such as D4, D5, and D6, aiming to reduce their adverse environmental impact.

Key Restrictions Implemented

Starting from June 6, 2026, silicones exceeding a concentration of 0.1% by weight/b> will be prohibited in various products, including cosmetics.

Impact on the Cosmetic Industry

While D4 has been banned from cosmetic products since January 2022, D5 has already faced restrictions since January 2020. The cosmetics industry has been granted an additional year to comply with the new regulations, extending to June 6, 2027.

Environmental Concerns

The European Commission emphasizes the need for these restrictions to address environmental risks associated with silicones, particularly their accumulation in aquatic systems and the atmosphere.

Response from Industry

Various suppliers have been developing natural and biodegradable silicone alternatives in response to growing environmental concerns.


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