Shanghai has announced its plans to conduct trials of the Hazchem Traceability Code in 2024. This initiative has been introduced by the Shanghai Emergency Management Bureau (SEMB) to enhance supply chain transparency and bolster chemical safety. The trial plan is localized and considered groundbreaking.

Accelerating Adoption with "One Enterprise, One Chemical Product, One QR Code" Policy

At the core of this trial plan is Shanghai's commitment to accelerating the adoption of its distinctive policy - "One enterprise, One chemical product, One QR code." This policy aims to streamline chemical product identification and traceability, reinforcing Shanghai's position as a leader in chemical safety.

Setting Shanghai Apart: Unique Features of the Pilot Program

Shanghai has launched a new pilot program for Hazchem QR codes that sets itself apart from previous applications seen in Guangdong. The critical factor distinguishing it is using additional information when generating the Hazchem traceability code. This includes incorporating product batch numbers to provide a more comprehensive and detailed tracking mechanism.

Enhanced Traceability for Comprehensive Oversight

Introducing the Hazchem traceability code with augmented details is pivotal in enhancing transparency. This innovative code simplifies the tracking of Hazchem information and facilitates robust monitoring of Hazchem company activities throughout the supply chain.

Streamlined Monitoring Across the Supply Chain

By incorporating product batch numbers into the Hazchem traceability code, Shanghai aims to establish a more efficient and effective system for monitoring Hazchem-related activities. This strategic approach is anticipated to provide authorities with a nuanced understanding of the movement and handling of hazardous chemicals, thereby ensuring a safer and more secure supply chain.


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