Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has added bisphenol S (BPS) to the list of reproductive toxicants (female reproductive endpoint) under Proposition 65, effective December 29, 2023. This decision, backed by the findings of the Developmental and Reproductive Toxicant Identification Committee (DARTIC), solidifies BPS as a chemical that unequivocally causes female reproductive toxicity. The inclusion of BPS in Proposition 65 was facilitated through the "State's Qualified Experts" procedure.

Mandatory Warnings for Substantial Exposures to BPS

As of December 29, 2024, the requirement for warnings regarding substantial exposures to BPS will be enforced. This crucial step aims to inform and safeguard the public, ensuring that individuals know the potential reproductive risks associated with exposure to BPS-containing products. The timeline set by Proposition 65 underscores the commitment to prompt and transparent communication about possible health hazards.

State's Qualified Experts Procedure: Upholding Rigorous Standards

Adding BPS to Proposition 65 exemplifies the State's commitment to maintaining rigorous standards in identifying and addressing potential health hazards. The "State's Qualified Experts" procedure ensures a thorough evaluation of scientific evidence, emphasizing the gravity of the decision to include BPS as a reproductive toxicant.

Looking Ahead: Enhanced Consumer Awareness and Protection

Including BPS in Proposition 65 emphasizes the ongoing efforts to enhance consumer awareness and protection against potential reproductive hazards. This regulatory update emphasizes the importance of staying informed about the substances present in everyday products, reinforcing a commitment to public health and safety.


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