ECHA recommends adding lead and seven other substances to REACH Annex XIV, affecting its use in the automotive industry. Authorization is required, with costs ranging from €500,000 to €2 million. Advocacy strategies vary for passenger and heavy-duty vehicles, with potential exemptions for passenger cars. ACEA/CLEPA will advocate for lead exemption in passenger cars.


• Five Member States (Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden) have submitted a restriction dossier.
• The focus is on restricting PFAS, a group of over 12,000 substances, in various applications.
• A 6-month public consultation is underway from March 22 to September 21, 2023.
• ACEA provided its initial input into the public consultation in May. All stakeholders are encouraged to contribute.

Recommendation on Siloxanes to ban globally.

• EU aims to add Siloxanes (D4, D5, D6) to Stockholm Convention Annex B for use restriction.
• Focus is on limiting direct Siloxane use while protecting silicone production.
• ECHA's public consultation on the EU proposal runs until August '23.
• Siloxanes are essential for silicone polymers.
• -The automotive industry indirectly uses Siloxanes via silicones.
• Concerns about the Stockholm Convention's effectiveness and potential changes.
• Industry preparing position papers; efforts to avoid Convention nomination are ongoing.
• ACEA assessing Siloxane residual levels in vehicle silicone parts.

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