Inspire Mold is a revolutionary end to end simulation tool to streamline design for manufacturing Injection molded components.

Why Inspire Mold?

1. It helps to assess product feasibility early for faster, more informed product design cycles:

2. Cost Reduction:

The main cost drivers in injection molding are:

Component: Total cost to design component for successful manufacturing.

Material: Volume of the material used, its price per kilogram and waste.

Production: Total time the injection molding machine is used.

With just a few hours of training, Engineers can follow five simple steps to perform their required simulation:

Inspire Mold helps to:

Generate Mold Design: Build the initial mold starting from a 3D part design, automatically generating geometry for runner systems, gates, vents, and other key mold components.

Part configurations: Test and optimize different configurations in seconds, including multiple cavities, mold inserts, sprue, and runner systems.

Defect prediction: Easily detect typical manufacturing defects such as sink marks, short shots, air traps, weld lines, jetting, and hesitation.

Advanced physics: They include Supported physics include filling, packing, cooling, and warpage simulation.

Customer story-Nolato

A Medical self-injector was to be designed for use by non-medically trained staff. The overall design comprises an injection molded, short fiber reinforced plastic body which houses the electro-mechanical assembly and battery. It operates by pressing on the plunger of the hypodermic syringe loaded into the device in a controlled, reliable manner. The Injector body design was successfully designed & tested for manufacturability using Inspire Mold.

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