Motion simulation provides complete, quantitative information about the kinematics virtually at a fraction of time & cost when compared to physical testing. It's often done by a MBD expert.

However, with Altair’s Inspire Motion, a Design Engineers with no prior experience in MBD can perform Motion Simulation with ease.

What is Inspire Motion?

It is a very easy to learn tool that generates dynamic motion of complex mechanisms, automatically identifying contacts, joints, springs, and dampers. It provides dynamic motion loads for a structural analysis or a Topology optimization

The application of product design is also beneficial to the automobile sector, as there are always innovations and developments that happen through the years. It is versatile and allows for better planning and execution.

Product Highlights:

Used by Designers & Engineers to Understand:

● Functional behavior

● Directional behavior

● Boundary loads for stress analysis or topology optimization

● A Pre-build to MV models

● Multi-Environment Integration (Geometry / Structures / Optimization)

● Automatic load transfer to Inspire structural FEA or topology optimization

● Coupled with solid Thinking Activate for 1D Model-Based system simulation


● Rigid Groups

● Geometry-based Joint detection

● Motors & Actuators

● Torque

● Displacement

● Speed

● Acceleration

● Springs and Dampers

● Part/Part Contact

● Flexible joints

● Curve Profile Editor (Import pre-defined data or customize input functions)

Example Applications:

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