Our client is a Battery manufacturer for Automotive & Agricultural applications.


The scope was to design a Battery pack for a tractor vehicle as per AIS-048 standards. Validating the design for Vibration, Strength, fatigue, Shock loads and also performing Injection mold flow simulations for the Cell holder design.

Why APA?

APA has wealth of experience in the mechanical design coupled with the FEA expertise, is well positioned to execute FEA driven design development projects.

Design Challenges Involved:

  • ● Maximising the output by optimally arranging the standard lithium-ion cells in series connection.
  • ● Optimizing cell holder wall thickness to accommodate the battery modules within the package space constraints.
  • ● Standardizing the top & bottom cell holder design features to reducing tooling cost.

Design Process:

  • ● Calculating the number of cells and modules that can be arranged in a series connection to get the required output.
  • ● Designing the honey-comb shaped cell holders to accommodate the cells.
  • ● Arranging the Bus bars and modules in series connection to achieve the required output and to get the positive and negative terminals nearer to the control panel.
  • ● Tightly packing the modules in all directions to avoid the vibrations by using structural stiffeners, compression pads and interlocking mechanism of cell holders.
  • ● Designing a Sheetmetal weldment enclosure as per the given package space.
  • ● Perform FEA and injection moulding simulations to provide feedback to improve the design concepts during the development.

Value Delivered:

  • ● Complete Ownership starting from the concept stage all the way up to prototype development.
  • ● Accelerating the product development with design validations using FEA and injection moulding simulations.

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