APA’s main goal is to serve the customer's needs and support their growth. Among the different services, we accomplish a great deal of work under the category of eBay listing compatibility, which aids the customer in attaining excellent improvements in their online store sales.

What do we perform for eBay listing compatibility?

In general, we check each product listing for the customer and update the compatibility according to the latest standards. Also, we develop the templates in table format based on their data. Additionally, we prefer researching third-party sites to gather the required data when there are not sufficient specifications provided for the product listing.

What difficulties do customers have with the product listing compatibility update?

Lack of updated information: The client may not have the updated information. But to sell the product listing, the latest pattern information is essential. Customers will tend to buy the product listing when the information is updated according to the latest standards. Hence, we are supporting the effort to provide the latest updated information for the required listing.

Lack of specifications: Compared to the third-party sites, the specifications for the products are less detailed. Thus, we develop and enhance the specifications as per the updated format to improve the quality of the product listing.

What steps did we take to address the problem with updating product listing compatibility?

We are maintaining three accounts on eBay for the client, in which each account holds several listings based on its category. We check the listing of the product details to be updated on the online store, along with the compatibility, to update the data accordingly.

• Initially, we analyse the product listing of the client account and check the compatibility of the product data according to their previous status. Based on the analysis and gathered data, we update the eBay standards according to the listings in the client's account.
• We have the customer standard table, which will be updated monthly. Based on the updated table and the product listing application, we will compare the data with the standard table.
• Through the mapping of the product listing applications and customer standard table, we will develop the templates to upload them on the online store.
• We enhance the template by mapping the applications to the customer standard table suitable for the online store template format.
• We will create a new template for the product listing, despite the fact that no template existed previously on the client side.
• We will help increase sales by updating their product listing according to current and upgraded standards.

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