The sheer volume and complexity of automotive parts and components can make NAPA mapping a daunting task. It is challenging to ensure the accuracy of the mapping process, as it requires matching and aligning numerous data points between different systems and databases. Also integrating NAPA mapping into existing systems and platforms can source technical challenges. It may require developing or configuring software tools and interfaces to effectively connect and synchronize data between various systems, such as inventory management, e-commerce, and cataloging platforms.

In the environment of challenges, APA Engineering is committed to addressing these challenges with a combination of technical expertise, data management capabilities, effective collaboration, and a commitment to ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure the accuracy and reliability of NAPA mapping in the automotive aftermarket.


Before the beginning of our contribution, our client was in:

● Lack of sufficient resources to do NAPA mapping for high-volume part numbers in a short period.
● Lack of professional experts to boost the excellence of mapping files
● Need for assistance to enhance the quality of the unorganized catalog

Our General Focus:

To initiate the data mapping process, we direct our attention towards:

● Mapping the product to its part description in the source file by defining the description accordingly
● Mapping the product's makes, models, and engine data
● Mapping the qualifier and other additional information as comments
● Generating a new file by listing the differences in data between the current and previous output files

Our Special Care:

We place special emphasis on providing exceptional client care through the following approaches:

● Net Changes: Compare the data in the current output with the NAPA data to recognize which application details are new or updated and which are already there, i.e., valid data
● Attributes population: Gather the product attributes in the raw data format and populate them in the format of the prescribed smart sheet
● Retailer Data Auditing: Audit the part number’s status on the retailer sites


Through our service and support, our clients have achieved a range of significant outcomes which includes winning the NAPA's Best Catalog Award for three consecutive years beginning in 2021.

The automotive aftermarket is constantly evolving, with new parts being introduced and existing ones becoming obsolete. Keeping up with these changes and ensuring timely updates to the NAPA mapping database can be demanding and requires efficient communication channels with manufacturers and suppliers. APA Engineering expert team is there to upgrade your data standard as per the latest updates and solving your own set of challenges.

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