From May 19, automotive  industries  can submit the SCIP data to ECHA through the release of IMDS 13.0. To  submit the SCIP, the below-listed fields have been newly introduced in IMDS.

  • 1. SCIP number
  • 2. SCIP submission number
  • 3. Production in European union
  • 4. Article category
  • 5. Safe use instructions
  • 6. SCIP Material category
  • 7. Submit MDS to SCIP
  • 8. SCIP Submission

SCIP Number and SCIP Submission Number

While creating the component in IMDS, the user will find the SCIP number and SCIP submission number field in the SCIP field. While creating the component these fields are not mandatory to fill. When using IMDS to submit the IMDS data to SCIP, these fields will be filled automatically. While taking a new version of this data, the SCIP submission number will reset and while taking a copy new datasheet, the SCIP number and SCIP submission number will reset in the corresponding fields.

Production in European Union

Users can select the below options from the drop-down list.

  • 1. EU produced
  • 2. EU imported
  • 3. EU produced and imported
  • 4. No data

Article Category

Users can add the article category by using the plus symbol which is placed under the article category field. After clicking the Add button (+), you will find all the Article category which is associated with the SCIP database. IMDS is setting the default article category as 8708999790 if a user is not going for a specific selection. And if a new version is created and that component didn’t have any article category before the default Article Category is assigned to this new version.

Safe Use Instruction

The check box option available to provide safe use instructions. It is in an unchecked state by default. Users can tick the checkbox if safe use instructions available for the component.

SCIP Material Category

While creating the material in IMDS, the user will find the SCIP material category option in the material information filed. SCIP material category will be selected automatically based on the material classification. While creating the material, the default material category will come based on the material classifications. And it can be replaced by adding and removable option in this field. After clicking the add button, the new page will open in the IMDS and their user could find the Type of the material, Description level 1, and level 2 options. Based on the material composition user can select the option and will add the material category. When making a copy or new version of the material data and that material data didn’t have the material category before, the default material category will come automatically based on the material classification assigned to that material data.

Additional Material Characteristics

An additional material characteristic was added in the IMDS 13.0. This file is disabled in all the cases except the material category “other”. If the user selects the material category as other (Identifier: 1342; Type: Material category; Description level: Other), the additional material characteristic field will be enabled.

Submit MDS to SCIP

Users can find the “Submit MDS to SCIP” button in the MDS menu. This is only enabled for internally released data. Once you click this button, it will validate the data automatically and will show the validation error if any. Four types of validation Errors may be generated:

  • 1. There are no components with > 0.1% of an SVHC contained. Please note that SVHC not in the "SCIP SVHC" substance group, SVHC in the material of classification 9.x as well as certain lead compounds in materials of classification 7.2 or 8.x are not considered for a SCIP submission.
  • 2. This MDS/Module is currently pending submission.
  • 3. At least one component or material is missing SCIP information.
  • 4. The MDS/Module contains at least one confidential SVHC.

SCIP Submission

IMDS provides the “SCIP submission” button under the function menu in the MDS portal. By using this button IMDS will populate the list of SCIP submitted data, submission number, and status. To use these interfaces, companies have to provide the S2S key for system-to-system service, and bulk submissions not possible in IMDS. For bulk, the submission user has to purchase the IMDS A2 license.

And for old IMDS data, the user cannot submit the SCIP. For that, the user has to take a new version of the IMDS data. Then the only user can submit the SCIP data through IMDS 13.0 for old data.

APA Engineering provides the solution to submit the SCIP for old IMDS data. APA has a SaaS solution, GreenCheck. It needs only PDF files of IMDS data and it will create the required structure from the PDF file for SCIP submission then system to system SCIP submission will be completed in Green check software.

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