Restriction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS), a directive adopted to regulate the use of a certain hazardous substance in Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The law was first implemented by European Union and it emerged to be a successful directive to prevent the harmful effects of certain chemical substances.  

Followed by the effective implementation of EU RoHS by European countries, several other countries such as the UK, Korea, Turkey, China, etc. proposed their own RoHS guidelines and are effectively implementing them. One such country which recently proposed a country-specific RoHS law is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   

The Technical Regulation for Restriction of hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment also known as Saudi RoHS is approved in the meeting of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization’s Board of Directors No. (179) held on 28th January 2021 and the same is published in Official Gazette on 07th September 2021.    

Article 2, of the proposed law, states that the Technical Regulation shall apply to all electrical and electronic equipment and spare parts which are placed in the Kingdom’s market whether manufactured or imported from abroad, for the below categories:   

  1. 1. Large and small home appliances
  2. 2. Information and communication technology equipment 
  3. 3. Lighting equipment 
  4. 4. Electrical and electronic tools and equipment 
  5. 5. Games, entertainment devices, and sports equipment
  6. 6. Monitoring and control tools

Provided the following categories be excluded from the scope of this regulation:  

  • * All materials excluded from the application of Hazardous Materials Limits included in Annex 1-A  (Annex (1-a) defines a List of Substances Excluded from the Application of Hazardous Limits) 
  • * Medical equipment 
  • * Military weapons and equipment
  • * Equipment to be sent to space 
  • * Large-scale stationary industrial tools 
  • * Large-scale fixed installations

Annex (1-b) of the proposed law defines the Maximum Permissible Concentration Values by Weight in Homogeneous Materials for Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

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