Recently the Global Automotive Declarable Substance List (GADSL) released an update on July 15th to its list of substances used in automotive manufacturing. This list is meant to communicate the industry standards and ensure that manufacturers are adhering to safe and responsible standards when producing car parts.

The list was updated to include additional chemicals and materials that have become available in recent years and to eliminate substances that no longer meet the industry standards for automotive manufacturing. This revision is part of an ongoing effort by the GADSL to ensure that the industry remains at the highest standards of environmental protection and automotive safety. 

The revised GADSL is a valuable resource for automotive manufacturing companies, providing them with the necessary information to ensure that their products meet the industry’s standards.

All affected confidential substances will immediately be exposed 14 days after the update. Jokers will not be disclosed automatically, and new versions must be created for all materials where jokers are used to hiding one or more of the following substances:   


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